Features to come, somewhat in order but will move around to prioritise the fun parts.

Beware, spoilers ahead!

Additional Jelly Types 1:

Mostly completed in previous game version before Unreal Engine port.

Food Jelly

Turns the main resources into food, includes related tools and structures. Hunger system will be turned back on.

Revive Jelly

Revives starved out jellies. Discovery event. Currently the only jelly type you can't make or pick up, he's his own guy.

Robo Buddy

Bringing Robo Buddy back once he's updated to the new jelly/player animations and AI. Will also receive a freash coat of paint.

Robo Buddy wanders around and can be summoned by the player and give hints when requested (and sometimes when not requested).

Abilities will expand as future features are added, such as collectable cassettes.

Additional Jelly Types 2:

Partially implemented in previous game version before Unreal Engine port.

Ranger Jelly

Unlocks new land chunks, also includes related tools and land barrier system to keep chunk edges safe.

Forestry Jelly

Forestry jelly to convert and harvest trees for wood. Includes related structure/s that the player can discover/build.

Visual Update

Expand and update the SFX, everything related to fluid and particles e.g. the creation pool, fireflies, footstep particles.

Allow for height variances of certain land chunks, e.g. steep mountain area.

Main Menu Level

Main menu will be a mini game world, including a tutorial area and character customisation section.

Audio Update

Expand collection of music tracks, add in headphone/earphone feature to listen to music diegetically.

Additional Player Tool:

Smart Watch

Used as diegetic UI, large overlay of the watch screen will appear of the game when used.

Customised Housing

System to allow the player to collect items from the game world and display them in their house pod. Jellies can also collect and display items.

The player can decorate jelly housing but the effect may not always be positive.

Jellies build up their own house's design over time.

Story Structure 1:

The Farmhouse

Delapidated farmhouse that the player can restore over time and live in if they choose.

Introduces mini farming feature.

Manual Colouring

Allow the player to change the default colour of tiles, houses, etc. by using resources and/or jellies.


Basic paths (no grass) form from the jellies and player wearing down areas over time.

Decorative paths can be placed by the player, jellies may prefer or avoid these depending on the material.

Story Structure 2

The Lab

Very large structure with multiple levels that requires some secrets to be solved in order to enter.

Introduces non-jelly NPC feature and new type of jelly

Story Structure 3:

The Mall

Just part of an old mall, not much left other than a couple of shops/stalls.

Introduces in-game player character customisation, unlocks additional styling options.

Jelly Customisation

Allow the player to add decorations to jellies in order to make their favourites stand out.

Additional Biome 1:

Mushroom Swamp

Toxic river, mushroom trees. Secrets.

Introduces first semi-hostile mob.

More to come!