Currently being developed for Windows PC and iOS.

Jelly God lets you grow and manage a tribe of colourful jelly blob people, gradually transforming the grey world around you.

In Jelly God, you become the only hope for an otherwise grey and barren world. Breathe life into this new plane by cultivating a tribe of jelly people (jellies), and developing the emerging landscape. Expand your village of jellies by collecting resources, building homes, unlocking new colours, and discovering new ways to combine items.

Providing a new twist on the ever popular god game genre, Jelly God's gameplay is all about discovery, with an emphasis on creation and customisation rather than destruction. Everything in the game can be upgraded, modified and/or coloured so that you can make your world exactly the way you want to.

  • Customise your world by unlocking new colours and objects.
  • Discover new ways to combine items and resources.
  • Unlock new land and build multiple settlements.
  • Minimal HUD, jellies and objects are coloured according to their active task.
  • Intuitive controls and environment.
  • Day/night cycle.

The jellies are a mixed bunch. Even though they are all made of the same goop, they each look at the world in a different way and have a variety of wants and needs.

The colour of a jelly indicates which tasks they can perform. A big part of the fun in Jelly God is uncovering new jelly types and what they can do, but here are the first three you will get to meet:

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Development Log
Dedicated Slack Group!

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Current State and Update 26-05-2017

The game is currently being ported to Unreal Engine 4, from Torque2D. Jelly God outgrew the original engine, and UE4 has developed into a great system over the past couple of years.

The 2D environment assets are being remade into 3D versions, which is giving the game a great look (but still true to the original vision). The 3D environment also solves all of the physics and draw-order problems that were occuring, which means that the extra time spent porting will save a good amount of time spent on those bugs.